flesh for lulu
A majority of the releases did not come with lyric sheets so it has been a case of transcribing the songs.
In some cases you will see ??? this means that we have absolutlely no idea what is being sung!!!
If you can fill in the blanks or we have got the lyrics totally wrong or if you feel compelled to transcribe other songs then please email us at

Album & EP Lyrics

Flesh for LULU

Dog Dog Dog
Coming Down
Jigsaw Puzzle
Peace and Love
So Strong
Heavy Angel

Blue Sisters Swing

Seven Hail Marys
Death Shall Come
I May Have Said You're Beautiful But You Know I'm Just a Liar
Who’s In Danger
Black Tattoo

Big Fun City

Baby Hurricane
Cat Burglar
Let Go
Vaguely Human
Rent Boy
Golden Handshake Girl
In Your Smile
Laundromat Kat
Just One Second

Long Live The New Flesh

I Go Crazy
Lucky Day
Postcards From Paradise
Hammer Of Love
Siamese Twist
Sooner Or Later
Good For You
Way To Go
Sleeping Dogs
Dream On Cowboy

Plastic Fantastic

Decline and Fall
House of Cards
Time and Space
Every Little Word
Day One
Choosing You
Stupid On The Street
Plastic Fantastic

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